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Emend offers customizable presentations on a variety of organizational topics. We welcome the opportunity to share our tips and ideas with your group or social gathering. Some examples of presentation topics are listed below:

Mastering the Organizing Process 
Teaches the five-step EMEND method on how to get and stay organized

Understanding Hoarding
Develop a greater understanding of the hoarding disorder, including causes, common issues faced by family members, and safety and health risks associated with the disorder. Learn about effective options to assist a hoarder and what resources are available to support the entire family.

Why am I Disorganized?
Explores the common causes of disorganization and teaches strategies to help overcome these challenges

Creating a Home Inventory
Creating a home inventory for emergency and insurance purposes. This goes beyond basic emergency preparedness and guides you through documenting physical items in your home that may be destroyed in a natural disaster or home invasion.

Organizing with ADHD
Addresses roadblocks that someone with ADHD may face regarding organization and how to overcome them

Beyond a Will: Organizing Your Digital Afterlife
Succession planning for your digital and online presence like bank accounts, social media, etc.

Organizing Success for Students
Learn strategies to help students and parents understand the challenges students face regarding organization

Gaining Control of Paper Clutter
Learn how the five-step EMEND organizing method can help you reduce and maintain the paper clutter in your home

How to Organize With and Not For your Children 
Teaches five-step EMEND organizing method to parents and ways they can transfer this knowledge to their children

Teaching Children to Organize
During this hands-on workshop, children and parents will learn basic organizational skills, including the importance of organization, purging, and setting up and maintaining an organizational system

Organizing Your Time
Discuss common roadblocks people face when managing their time and how the five-step EMEND organizing method can be implemented to organize time

Recipe Organization/Meal Planning
Teaches the five-step EMEND organizing method to organize recipes and meal planning

Organizing for Your Weight Loss Goals
Explores the connection between those that struggle with weight and disorganization.  Learn how to implement the five-step EMEND organizing method to help you achieve your weight loss goals

Photo and Memorabilia Organization
Learn how to use the EMEND organizing method to organize your photos and memorabilia

Upcoming Speaking Events

Organize Your Sewing Room
at the Jones Creek Library
Thursday, May 9, 2024
10:00 am

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