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Our Process

Set goals and explore what you hope to accomplish

Merge like items to determine what you already have

Decide what needs to be kept, donated, or disposed of

Find a permanent home for the items you decide to keep

Set up systems and strategies to help maintain the organized space

What to Expect

Complimentary assessment
This is a chance for you to meet with the organizational specialist at your home or office to discuss your organizational needs.
Project estimate
Based on your needs, our organizational specialist will estimate the number of hours to complete the project and the total cost of the organizational service.
Materials budget
You will then determine your budget for any necessary materials. This will include items, such as containers, shelving systems, hooks, etc. You may want to get by with the bare essentials or perhaps you desire elaborate organizational systems to complete the space. Whatever your budget, Emend will find a solution for you!
We will teach you the 5-step EMEND organizational process.
Let Emend restore simplicity and calmness to your life today.

Ready to get started?

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