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Why Hire A Certified Professional Organizer?
In order to become a Certified Professional Organizer, an organizer must be in business for 3 years, have at least 1500 paid hours in which they are transferring organizing skills to the client (not organizing for the client), passed the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO®) examination, and earn 45 CEUs (continuing education units) every 3 years. The CPO credential in very rigorous and distinguishes professional organizers that are committed to continuously learning how to better serve their clients.
Who can benefit from hiring Emend?

At Emend we believe that there are several types of people that will greatly benefit from our services:

Chronically Disorganized People
The Institute of Challenging Disorganization defines chronic disorganization as the following:

  • Disorganization that has been present for a long time indicating a chronic condition
  • The disorganization significantly impacts life on a daily basis, affecting the quality of life
  • There is a history of failed self-help attempts, leading to discouragement
  • There is a future expectation of continues disorganization, often resulting in a lack of hope

Emend can help these people dig their way out of the chaos and set up realistic solutions to maintain an organized space.

People with an excessive amount of clutter
The disorganization is these client’s lives is created by simply holding on to unnecessary items in their lives. They may think they “need” every item or maybe they just don’t know what can be kept and what needs to be thrown. Emend will show them that ridding their lives of the unnecessary will create an environment of freedom and not emptiness.

Those wishing to maximize space in their home or office
This set of people find themselves with nowhere to put the items in their home or office. Emend specializes in maximizing the efficiency of the available space to make room for all of the necessary items.

These people lack systems in their lives. They don’t know where to put things because there is no system in place to store the items. It is much easier for them to “set it aside” because they don’t know where to put it. This causes clutter and chaos in their lives. If the person knew exactly where to put the item, it would not have been set aside. Emend can help create these systems and prevent clutter from returning.

Seniors and Others Downsizing Their Space
Downsizing into a smaller home can be an overwhelming task. Emend can help break down each step into a manageable step.

Emend can help you prepare for a move by helping you edit items you will not need in the new space. We can also help you unpack and set up systems in the new space. If you are building or remodeling a space, we can help you with design closet, pantry, and cabinets to create an efficient and organized space.

I'm not a "neat freak." Can I still be organized?
At Emend, we believe that organization should help make your life easier, not control it. We will work with you to set up solutions that you and your family will be able to maintain over the years.  We strive to help our clients be realistic, not perfect.
Why should I hire a professional when I can do it myself?
Just like you would hire a landscaper to design a garden in your yard or an interior decorator to decorate a room in your home, a professional organizer has the ability to visualize and design a plan for your space. They will provide support for you through your organization journey and solutions to fit your needs. Whether you are just not sure of what to keep or throw, or you can’t quite fit all of your “stuff” in the space, an organizer can help you achieve your organization goals.
How involved will I need to be in the organization process?
Very! It is essential that you work with the organizer in almost every step of the way. The space will need to be personalized to fit your personality and lifestyle. There is no formula for the perfectly organized room. Together, you and the organizer will come up with realistic systems for a room that you will be able to maintain in the future.
Will my session be confidential?
Absolutely! Emend will never disclose any information about its clients. We will always get permission to take and use before and after photos, and names will never be revealed. We will never judge you and will always be respectful of your home and personal items.
How much will this cost me?
At Emend, we believe organization should fit your home or office and your budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune to be organized. Whether you want a completely customized organization system or are just looking for the essential elements to keep your room in order, we can help. We charge an hourly rate of $60. The length of time to complete the project will be affected by the scope of work to be completed and your personal involvement in the project. You will set the budget for any necessary materials that may be needed to complete your space.
Can Emend provide references?
Certainly! We will be happy to provide references upon request.
Can't I just get a housekeeper?
If you want help with your clutter, then the short answer is “no”. While a housekeeper can help you keep your house clean, they normally do not have the expertise to assist you with your clutter. An organizer has the knowledge and experience to help you sort through your “stuff” and to personalize systems that will make sure the clutter never returns.

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