You may or may not have heard of a “move manager.” Actually, Emend is not just a professional organizing company. We also offer move management services. What the heck does that mean, and why should you consider hiring one? 

According to NASMM (The National Association of Specialty Move Managers), “Move Managers specialize in helping their clients with the emotional and physical aspects of sorting through a lifetime of memories in the transition process, while providing them with effective options and resources to increase efficiencies and reduce stress.” 

At Emend, we combine our years of professional organizing services to help clients manage their possessions through life transitions. We help with the following:

1. Decluttering in anticipation of a move

This step can literally not start too soon! As soon as you know a transition is on the horizon, decluttering should begin. We know that sorting through a household full of items is overwhelming. If you struggle with letting go, our team can teach you strategies to help you through these decisions without judgement. We use compassion and patience to work with you to determine what you will need in your new space and can help you donate or sell what is left.

2. Helping find a realtor

There are so many wonderful realtors available. Each has their own unique personalities, styles, and connections. We help you find the realtor that will work best for you!

3. Finding the right moving company

Coordinating and scheduling with movers can be a daunting task. We have experience with various moving companies in town and have developed a relationship with them. They know what to expect from us, and we know what should be expected of them. We will help you find the right moving company for your move.

4. Packing

Our team will help supervise packing and make sure each box is thoughtfully and intentionally packed and labeled. Check out this blog post on how to properly label boxes for more information.

5. Floor Planning

Moving items is costly! It is said that every pound you move costs around $1. That can add up quickly. We will look at the floor plan of your new space and help determine where each piece of furniture you have will go in your new space. If it won’t fit or if you no longer need it, we can help you sell or donate it. No need to pay for and move items that won’t be needed!

6. Managing the move day

Our team will be there when the movers arrive and, in most cases, stay until they leave. We will make sure the movers place the furniture and boxes in the right room and location in the new space. We will do our best to handle any unexpected issues that may arise.

7. Settling in the first night

We make sure you know where your medicines are and set up the areas you need for a restful first night in the new space. This includes making the beds, setting up your nightstand, and making sure your toothbrush, makeup, and hair products are ready for you in the bathroom. We will even lay out your robe and slippers!

8. Unpacking

Have you ever moved and lived with unopened boxes for months or even years? There is a direct connection between seeing unopened boxes and feeling unsettled. Our team can help you quickly unpack so you can quickly feel settled in your new space.

9. Organizing

One of the best times to get organized is right after a move. Habits have not been established yet, so it is a great time to learn new organized systems! We can help you think through the best place for your items. So many times, we see clients that just wanted to empty boxes, so they shoved things wherever they fit. We will for the EMEND method and make sure each item is intentionally unpacked and organized where it makes the most sense for you and your family.

If you need help with any or all of these above, you could benefit from a move manager. Moving is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. Let a move manager alleviate as much stress from your plate and get you settled in your new space as quickly as possible.