Often upon meeting a new client for the first time, I am met with mixed feelings. There is excitement and anticipation of the changes to come.

But there is also embarrassment, anxiety, and fear. I hear things like, “I’m so embarrassed to have someone see my house like this,” or “Is this the worst you’ve ever seen?” or “Did I scare you away yet?” or “I’ve had your number for years and have been afraid to make the call,” or “Are you going to make me throw away all of my stuff?” or “I feel like a failure that I can’t do this myself.”

To be clear, I’ve seen a lot of spaces in various states of disorganization over the years. I also filmed two episodes of A&E’s “Hoarders,” so the chances of your home being the worst I’ve ever seen is slim to none.

People assume that when I walk in, all I see is mess and that I will immediately begin to judge them. I understand this concern, though, because they may have had judgement from family and friends that have come into their home in the past.

Let me assure you that at Emend, it is a complete judgement-free zone. I tell my clients that when I walk into a space, I don’t see the “stuff”. I see the possibilities. I see what the space could become and the steps we would need to take to get there.  It is like why I hire a decorator.

I can’t walk into a space and see what paint color, furniture, and accessories are necessary to decorate the space, but the decorator can. I know my clients are overwhelmed and can’t see how they can get their space to where they want it to be. I don’t judge them for that.

Instead of negative judgement, I have more positive feelings like being so proud of them for making the call! I know the process won’t be the easiest for them, but one of the benefits I can offer them is simplifying the process for them. They took the first step by calling me in. I acknowledge how hard it must have been to call a complete stranger into their home to touch everything they own.

But by taking the steps to take themselves out of their comfort zone, true growth and change can happen! Fear is the catalyst that can either hold us back or move us forward. I have nothing but respect for clients that can embrace the fear and make changes.

Sure, your home may not be where you want it. But by getting out of your comfort zone, you are no longer stuck in the behavioral patterns that got you into this situation to begin with. The discomfort must happen in order to get results.

At Emend, we strive to ease anxieties and create a calm working session to help bring out the best in our clients. The nature of our job is that we are helping people with things they have been avoiding for quite some time.

We must keep clients moving through the fear and anxiety and not shut down. We will constantly recognize and praise the progress that is being made. I want clients to get the full credit they deserve for all the hard work.

Another fear I hear is, “What if it goes right back to the way it was after you leave?”

Most of my clients are classified as chronically disorganized, meaning they have struggled with organization their entire lives.  They have tried everything in the past and nothing has worked. So why wouldn’t they think working with an organizer would be any different?

Enter the reason why I became a certified organizer. Working with a certified professional organizer focuses not just on organizing the physical items, but works to identify why the clutter and disorganization has occurred, teach the skills necessary to overcome it, and create customizable systems to help you maintain the organization we put in place.

So if you are scared to work with an organizer, know that you are not alone. At Emend, we appreciate the trust you give us and thank you for the opportunity to work with you to create the best version of yourself and your space. I promise that it won’t be as bad as you think, and amazing transformations will happen!