People are always asking me what the right thing is to do when it comes to storing t-shirts. They ask: Should I hang, fold, or roll my shirts? This comes down to personal preference and the structure of your closet.

What type of storage are you working with? How many shirts do you have? Which method are you likely to maintain?

Hanging Shirts

If you have ample hanging space, I think it’s easier to hang because you can see your options better. The big pro to hanging is that all of your options are literally in front of your face and you can flip through to find what you want to wear.

Takeaway: Hanging is easy and visual, but you have to have enough space.

Rolling Shirts

If you want access to all of your options, hanging will be best, with rolling following a close second. Rolling looks beautiful. It’s a good way for you to see your options in a drawer.

The question with rolling is, are you going to be the type of person that rolls them? Make sure you’re committing to rolling them and putting them away in an organized manner.

Marie Kondo has a specific method on how she likes to roll shirts. You can do it that way, or you can make up your own way. I’ve had clients feel pressure to roll them exactly like Marie Kondo does, and that’s unnecessary stress — do what works best for you.

Folding Shirts

When you fold and put items in a drawer, it’s in a stack and you tend to just wear what’s on top and not what’s on the bottom. For some items, such as a uniform where all of the items are the same, you don’t need to see every item. These are the clothing items that work best in drawers. If you have shelf space, folding can be a good way to organize the shirts in a visual way.

If you’re going to fold your shirts, I recommend this product called the Flip Fold (learn more about my favorite organizing products) which helps you fold your shirts in the exact same way. It will make your shelves look beautiful and will give you easier access to your clothes since each item will be the same shape and size and not buried underneath each other.